FAQ: foreign agents in Russia
Answering frequently-asked-questions on changes of the regulation of foreign agent status under Russian law
What is it?
This summary provides answers to the most frequently-asked-questions on changes in Russian legislation regarding entities performing the functions of a foreign agent (FA), specifically non-commercial organizations (NCOs), individuals, and unregistered public associations (UPAs).

By the end of February 2021, 75 NCOs were registered as FAs (out of 210, 498 registered NCOs) and 17 mass media organizations – FAs (including five individuals) (out of the total of 148,893 registered media entities).

Based on these figures, it is evident that the practice of recognizing an entity as a FA is not universal or widespread, but rather it is utilized as a tool to apply restrictive measures against specific entities.

The answers to the following questions should help NCOs, associations, and individuals to improve awareness of the existing risks when planning their activities. Based on implementation and enforcement of the new law, we may consider revisions to some of the responses in the future.

For definitions of important terms, please see the Glossary section below.